the theme of the space

the theme of the space

P>  The designer of Lu Xueyu re-drenched the space movement, not only fully demonstrating the horizontal depth of the restaurant, but also the corridor in the right bedroom.

  Quiet table

  The family of four restaurants is covered in wood, gray blue and pure white. The chandeliers of a molecular element pay attention to the contemporary atmosphere, and the atmosphere is simple and quiet.

  No damage in depth

  3.2 meters high indoor space, Lv Xueyu only covers the small area of ??the beam, and with embedded lamps, use this integrated approach to maintain the indoor depth as much as possible.

  Splashing ink

  The beam is decorated in gray-blue, which is highlighted on a pure white background and exhibits a linear aesthetic. The back wall of the sofa is a frame of blue and white contemporary ink painting, echoing .

  Curved arc beam

  The main bedroom has a pressure beam problem at the head of the bed. The design method not only covers the beam with a circular arc to create a gentle visual sense, but also integrates the bedside cabinet design to eliminate the sudden feeling.

  Master bedroom storage


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