time before the merger

time before the merger

  In theory, astronomers have long believed that low-mass binary mergers are one of the cradles of slightly more massive stars. However, real observations have made only some progress in recent decades, thanks to the launch of some large astronomical survey programs and improved computer processing capabilities. In the past decades, astronomers have observed many times the outbreak of the similar phenomenon, such as the outbreak in 1988, is located in the large Magellanic cloud of M31 RV, erupted in 1994 located in Sagittarius V4332 within the Milky Way, as well as the outbreak in 2002 monoceros V838 system -- the outbreak is likely to represent a merger events, but we are not completely sure.

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  It wasn't until 2006 that humanity actually confirmed a binary star merger. Lick Observatory (Lick Observatory) supernova search project in M85 galaxy 60 million light-years from earth found M85 OT2006-1 the outbreak of the university of California, Berkeley, and astronomers at the California institute of technology followed by a detailed analysis, found the outbreak is derived from a merger between the two low quality binary, before is different from other known star. However, the monitoring information before the explosion is insufficient, so we have very little knowledge about the binary star system before the merger. In that year, astronomers used observations to give a name to a star formed by the merger of two stars: luminous red novae.

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  The key to really helping astronomers solve the mystery of "red nova" lies in V1309 scorpius. The system was first discovered by astronomers in China and Japan, who then submitted the information to the international astronomical union's astronomical variable source monitoring group. However, the detailed data for V1309 in Scorpio comes from a website called the Optical universe Lensing Experiment (OGLE). a search reputation management expert based in Hong Kong with focus of services such as SEO,SRM, ZMOT and UMOT. Optical gravity lens experiment) for the sky survey project. The project, officially launched in 2001 by astronomers at the university of Warsaw in poland, was intended to monitor large areas of the sky in the hope of finding sources of dimming and finding gravitational lensing, thus testing some of the objects initially thought to make up dark matter, such as black holes. Buymelissaplastic flats shoes, rain boots, rain shoes, jelly shoes, sandals online with, has a collection of women plastic mini Melissa flip flop, boots. V1309 scorpii is located just inside the OGLE's surveillance sky zone, so astronomers have plenty of data on its long range of observations before and after the eruption. Subsequent data analysis not only confirmed that this was a "red nova" system (the system after binary star mergers), but also provided more important information about how the binary system evolved over 


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